Bright Red Triangle Challenge – Business Plan Illustrating Edinburgh

As a challenging project for the junior consultant role with Bright Red Triangle, we were set a challenge of creating a product to sell during the fringe. For our client Olga Tukova we created a business concept and plan to allow her to sell more products.

As my part of the task, I worked on ideation around Edinburgh and Fringe Festival Themes. Looking at Horrible Histories I pitched the concept of creating stories around the darker and horror history of Edinburgh and Scotland including Burke & Hare, Mary Queen of Scots, Bonnie Prince Charlie and other stories. From there I suggested an interactive element scanning from the illustrated products giving further interactive background for the story such as an application or website. The concepts worked well with the clients’ key audience “kiddults” which was explored in persona form by other team members.

From there we looked at the business model canvas, I worked on the key activities and key partners. The different elements worked on by the team were put together in a presentation. As a team, we received great feedback from the client and our mentor who were positive about the ideas, concept and the plan being worked to budget and profits specified by the client.