Digital Business Environments – Digital Business Analysis

As part of the coursework for the Digital Business Environments module, I looked into a digital-focused business and how they perform digitally. I looked into local startup Findr, which aims to simplify the process of finding and booking photographers.

I used the following techniques in my analysis:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Digital Chanel Structure
  • SWOT analysis
  • Online Marketplace Map
  • SLEPT Analysis
  • Assessment of customer touchpoints and marketing (customer facing website, search ecosystem, social ecosystem)


Making better use of the digital world is of the utmost importance to any digital business. Findr as a start-up company has started to take advantage but need to be more visible and accessible. Within a dynamic industry, Findr is in a strong position to capitalise and continue building on its existing online presence and partnerships. It has strong scope to build a further presence in the search and social ecosystems. There are, however, several areas where they could look to improve on moving forward with its digital strategy.