Icinema was a coursework brief as part of my HND in Interactive Media (Web Development) and covered the areas of Interactive Media Composition, Human Computer Interface and used bootstrap for responsive design and PHP user and staff admin areas as well as ticket booking systems

The brief was for an interactive website for iCinema for the site in Edinburgh. They currently have a national website but feel they need a local website for this area. The website will have 3 user groups – a staff/admin profile alongside one for under 16’s (junior members) and also one for adult members.

An analysis of the users was carried out with personas, design implications, usability guidelines and from this a project plan was created using a gantt chart. The navigation map was created using a flow chart and wireframes were created to plan for the design of the page.


Due to time restrictions in place on the project, a bootstrap template suited to the initial design was used. This cut down on development time and allowed me to focus on the functionality of the PHP coding involved in the project. The ticket booking system allows users to reserve a ticket of the particular screening with payment being taken at the venue via cash or card. With additional time on this project a secure card payment or PayPal payment system could have been implemented.

A full usability evaluation of users was carried out with testing and validation. I then looked at the final composition of the website and analysed in terms of visual hierarchy (see below left image), design consistency, balance emphasis, white space, units, layout, centre of interest, ratios (see middle image below), colour theory, typography and photography.